Best chef at our french restaurant family owned business fort lauderdale Thursdays

Chief Executive Chef Olivier Rebuffel’s Biography

Olivier Rebuffel is a professional manager with world-class experience in the culinary industry. His passion for food started at a young age and it didn’t take long before he turned his dream into reality.

Rebuffel received his diploma in classic cuisine and restoration from the Lycée d’Hôtellerie de Nice, France, where he acquired the basic knowledge required. He is best known for his distinctive ability to match both culinary and managerial skills perfectly which placed him among elite in the industry.

More so, over the years of working at various key levels within different top-notch organization, Rebuffel has gathered more than three decades of experience. He has worked in many managerial positions as Head Chef and Executive Chef both in France and Canada. Rebuffel has developed himself to become the best and his success is attributed to his dedication and selflessness.

In addition, Rebuffel entrepreneur skills worth mentioning, he has successfully run his own restaurant for  many years and before then, he held the position of Executive Chef for more than 10 years at Thursday’s restaurant in Montreal.

His reputation precedes him and he always looks forward to satisfying his clients, staff and management.