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Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Thursday’s

I don’t know how many times I’ve said that, maybe a million times? and still it is not enough. For me it resonates in me today just as the first day I said it. Thursday’s is an extension of myself, why Thursday’s? Because it all started with a small bar called Friday’s which I opened in 1968, success made me go to the “Next day.”

Don’t get me wrong, Thursday’s was opened as a 100 seat operation, which over the years turned to be a 1000 seat good time emporium. What was the recipe; the decor? The location? The value for dollar? The good food? Attentive service? Or maybe all of them together. The question, the real question is if you go somewhere as a customer, do I want to come back here again?

Where the answer is “ambiance”. The synergy between all the ingredients I mentioned above and your soul. You can learn how to cook but hospitality comes from the heart. I was the lucky guy who discovered soon enough that “You will never have a second chance for a first good impression” The small details that can make all the difference and reinvent yourself before it’s too late.

Thursday’s became a landmark in Montreal Canada and still is thanks to my sons, I tried to retire without success, I rather die of fatigue than of boredom, and the days are longer as the years go faster, not exactly my perfect world. This is why, albeit to all my friends advice I decided to take on this new endeavor, why let go of what I cherish the most? Wake up, get dressed like a peacock and go make people happy. Retirement is what people dream of and when the time comes, they have to reinvent themselves, it’s a recipe to get older, faster. This is why the new Thursday’s will go with the flow and still keep the nostalgia of the beginning. It is built with whatever I salvaged from the original Thursday’s and gave it a new twist for the coming generation. I have seen too many restaurants dying of old age, too many restaurants disappearing with the founder, too many restaurants not designating with the times. This is why I’m doing a Thursday’s on Fort Lauderdale that will grasp the new comers with the values that will never change, devotion to your customers.

-Bernard Ragueneau,